Friday, March 23, 2007

A Chat With Redfin

I chatted briefly with the folks at yesterday. Oddly enough, the call came shortly after I watched part of a video interview of Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman on The Scoble Show (via Sellsius Real Estate blog).

The call, spurred by my last post, was a friendly discussion on the differences in services and style offered by their online realty service versus that of the traditional broker. We both agreed that the main difference is that, as most other online firms are, is geared more toward the Do-it-Yourselfers, and that although they service a certain niche of the market, there is room for both types of brokerages. In fact, although that was supposed to be the point of the last post (sometimes the online business model works out in a deal, in this case it didn't appear to), the little chat made me realize that I hadn't clearly communicated that.

Thanks to Max in Redfin's San Francisco office.

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