Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cell Phone Swapping Website Could Become a Realtor Favorite

TechCrunch today highlighted a website called cellswapper, which allows people to hang up on their current cellular service provider by selling it to another user who is looking for a cheap way to activate a new cell plan.

As Realtors we are always chasing the best tool to keep in touch with clients, which sometimes means foresaking our current mobile service provider for the one who has the best phone/PDA to meet this need. If you find another user of cellswapper who is interested in your plan (and probably your phone), you can eliminate the excessive early-cancellation fee that most carriers charge to leave them.

Of course, cellswap is for everyone. In the article, TechCrunch also mentioned this site would be a boon to the many consumers that are drooling over Apple's new iphone, which will only being carried through Cingular. In fact, just one day after the MacWorld conference began here in San Francisco, there are already over 4000 photos tagged "iphone" on Flickr, a public photo-sharing site. Even a few of us Realtors are drooling over iphone.

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