Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thinking Inside the Box: Creative California Design

There are indications that the California housing market is cooling. The fact still remains, however, that people looking to buy single family homes in high demand areas will be spending a million dollars, and often settling for something south of the imagined "dream home."

This reality can often lead to creative thinking, and in Redondo Beach, California, creative thinking is taking place inside the box: a 3,000 square foot house built entirely of recycled shipping containers. A similar project is taking place in Victoria, British Columbia; according to my currency converter, the house in Southern California is being built for approximately $135 per square foot. Add on the cost of the designer and then subtract all the benefits of sturdy, environmentally friendly housing, and you've got yourself a bargain. Unfortunately San Francisco is a little short on vacant lots.

This video newscast is provided by Sellsius, an award winning and successfully overachieving real estate blog that encompasses all things real estate, including news, design, marketing methods and web search enhancement.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow! Proof in the saying that necessity is the mother of invention. As costs skyrocket, it's nice to know there are creative alternatives. I can see using one of these containers to create a great sunroom or other extension on my house. Or how about a vacation container in the mountains?
what's also great is that it's good for the environment.
Awesome! Great find!

ps I went to the sellsius blog on your recommendation & they have some very interesting posts & other videos.
Thanks Amy, keep up the good work.