Monday, January 30, 2006

Two Great Online Sites for Finding Homes in San Francisco

The problem homebuyers have with using the San Francisco MLS is that it its search format is cumbersome. Additionally, unless the MLS is accessed via a realty website that requires logging on, the searches aren't saved. And what's a District anyway? And why doesn't it match my neighborhood's political District? Overall, the MLS isn't very intuitive nor very user-friendly.

There are two great websites out there now that can take away the frustration and facilitate your coordination of a Sunday open house tours (of course, so can your Realtor). Basically, these websites sort every piece of data stored on the Multiple Listing Service and offer a simple search format. Unless you prefer the ritual of getting up Sunday morning to get a cup of coffee at the local cafe while combing the Sunday classifieds, you may want to take advantage of these sites: is a simple search site that will map out all of the upcoming publicized open houses. The properties matching your criteria are listed in a color-coded menu that matches the location colors in the map. By clicking either on the map or the detail menu, an information box will pop-up and provide the address of the property and a photo if available. By clicking on the "more info" link, you can see further details about the property.

Trulia Real Estate Search is a categorized list of current properties. Property details are clumped into neighborhoods, price ranges, number of bedrooms, and so on. This is ideal for someone who is deadset on a location, square footage, or a particular price point, because it eliminates having to scroll through what you don't want to find what you do want.

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