Tuesday, January 31, 2006

From SF Association of Realtors: Supervisors Approve Daly’s Conversion Legislation, but...

The following news update comes from the San Francisco Association of Realtors.

Supervisors Approve Daly’s Conversion Legislation, but...

The Board of Supervisors has approved legislation proposed by Supervisor Chris Daly amending Subdivision Code Section 1332 to require Planning Commission hearings to address General Plan consistency for all condominium conversion applications subject to the condominium conversion lottery. Mayor Gavin Newsom has indicated that he plans to veto the proposed legislation. Since four supervisors (the number required to sustain a mayoral veto) have indicated that they will support the mayor’s veto, the proposed legislation would seem to be doomed.

Earlier, Supervisor Daly had proposed a moratorium on all condominium conversions but the proposal failed to gain much political traction. His most recent proposal is widely regarded as an attempt to accomplish indirectly what he was unable to accomplish directly. Support for that point of view is provided by the following two General Plan “priority policies” that the Planning Commission could always use to reject conversion applications:

  • That existing housing and neighborhood character be conserved and protected in order to preserve the cultural and economic diversity of our neighborhoods; and

  • That the City’s supply of affordable housing be preserved and enhanced.

The Association opposed Supervisor Daly’s latest condominium conversion proposal and requested Mayor Newsom to veto the legislation for the following reasons:

  • There is no evidence that the current process is not working; and

  • The Planning Commission will be forced to disapprove all condominium conversion applications because of the city’s priority policies, resulting in a de facto moratorium.

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